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Your Vision Is Our Passion: We Transform Kitchens Across Richmond

Rightway Stone Art is an independent B.C. company and was established in 2006. We are managed by a Richmond husband-and-wife team who took their passions for design and creativity and turned them into a viable business. Now in their tenth year of operation, Rightway Stone Art continues to grow, as do the range of options and products available to customers. Whether you’re carrying out renos, flipping a property or you’re a developer with a new sub-division, call today! Rightway Stone Art can get the job done at a price you won’t believe.

Kitchen Interior with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home

Elegant Design Meets Lasting Durability

Rightway Stone Art offers a variety of granite, marble and engineered stone products that add lasting value to your home. From kitchen countertops, vanity tops, Jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds to full wall and floor paneling, our products are created with the utmost precision. We provide customers with the highest quality of workmanship and materials while keeping our products affordable. By combining a streamlined CNC production process with an unmatched stock of natural stone, Rightway Stone Art gives you products you’ll love at incredible prices.


We utilize the most advanced fabrication processes available on the market. Our shop implements CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for granite processing. We only source products and materials from suppliers we know and trust.

Classic bar counter
Amazing kitchen and living area in new spacious mansion


Everything is possible with us. There is no better material to match our customers’ design ideas than granite. Granite as a natural stone has a varied look—no two pieces of granite are the same. Bringing your design ideas to life is a quintessential part of what we do and that’s why we offer the customization options with the broadest possible scope. We have a huge range of edge profiles that can dramatically change the look of your countertops. Whether you opt for something modern like a beveled edge, or more a traditional finish such as an ogee, we have edge designs for every taste and every kitchen. Embrace the freedom that comes with choice!

Turnaround Time

We understand that you’re anxious to get your kitchen finished; that’s why we’ve set the benchmark for just seven days. Installing new granite countertops means getting rid of existing countertops so templating can take place. We know that this inconvenient. The time it takes to fabricate and install countertops varies between different companies. It can be two weeks or two months. We believe that even two weeks is too long to live without a fully functional kitchen so we worked hard to shorten this period of time. We did this while maintaining our dedication to quality and value for money.

Kitchen Interior with Island, Sink, Fridge
Design of classical modern kitchen


We strive to give you competitive pricing on all our counter tops, edges, and accessories; we want to make sure that when we leave your home we’ve exceeded your expectations. Give us a call today to learn more or to get a quote.

Get Your Estimate

It’s easy to get an estimate! Just submit a rough drawing with measurements and we’ll be delighted to give you an estimate; make sure that your measurements accounts for sinks, stoves, and your desired counter overhang. Alternatively you can just call us with an estimated counter length in linear feet, or square feet, and we can provide a rough quote over the phone.

To measure linear feet: Use a tape measure to measure the number of linear feet of base cabinets. Measure along the back edge of cabinetry; be sure to account for the length of countertop in a corner only once. Multiply whole feet by 12 to get inches and add the remaining number of inches–12 feet 6 inches would be calculated as (12 x 12) + 6 = 150 inches of linear countertop.

Building plans
Rightway Stone Art
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