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Reliable Kitchen Sinks in Vancouver

Your kitchen makes for one of the most important parts of the household. When renovating, remodelling your kitchen should be your priority. After all, who wants an outdated kitchen. Rightway Stone Art provides reliable kitchen renovation in Vancouver. We provide an extensive range of kitchen sinks in Richmond for when you want to upgrade your kitchen.

What sets our kitchen renovation services in Richmond apart is the degree of personalization we offer. For our team, every home is different with unique requirements. We consider your functional needs, taste, and budget when providing our accessories. If you'd like to learn more about kitchen sinks and discuss which one is ideal for you, please get in touch.

The Benefits of Kitchen Renovations

When you're undertaking a kitchen renovation, we can provide you with the accessories that meet your needs.

  • Cost-efficient: Got an old kitchen with inefficient features and appliances? You might be paying unnecessarily extra bills. You get a lot of affordable plans when renovating your kitchen. Ask your contractor to install electricity-efficient appliances or LED lights.

  • A higher value of your house: The value of your home automatically increases as you remodel or renovate your kitchen, making it easy for you to sell your house at a higher price.

  • Time and space efficiency: An up-to-date kitchen with all new appliances will save you a lot of time you can utilize to do something else. Also, with technological advancement, devices have become compact and easier to store.

  • Safety and desired design: You get to choose your design according to your desires.  Also, the wires get replaced, decreasing the possibility of any casualty and keeping you safe and happy.

Contact Rightway Stone Art for your unique kitchen renovation in Vancouver.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Every kitchen is different. For this reason, while one kitchen sink might work in someone's kitchen, it might not be ideal in yours. We regularly update our inventory; here are some of the options we provide:

Double bowl sink: The double bowl sink arrangement is multipurpose, allowing for washing, rinsing, draining and drying in one place. There are several types of double bowl sinks, such as:

  • Corner sinks: This type of sink has two basins that we place at right angles.

  • Low divider double sink: As the name suggests, in this double sink, the partition between the two bowls stops partway up instead of rising to the counter level.

Single bowl sink: Single bowl sinks are a category of kitchen sinks that includes several types, such as:

  • Farmhouse sinks: Farmhouse sinks include a 'front wall' which makes up both the front of the counter and the front of the sink.

  • Drainboard sink: This is a simple but efficient sink that includes a basin and a drainboard on the other.

Merge Style with Function—Kitchen Accessories in Vancouver

Finish your kitchen the right way with a sink from Rightway Stone Art in Richmond. We have a great variety, including traditional single sinks, doubles, and asymmetrical double sinks. Please look below to see our collection and give us a call to find out what sink will work best in your new kitchen!

Reliable Kitchen Renovators

We have renovated kitchens since 2006 and have been a trusted name in Vancouver.

Rightway Stone Art
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