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Quality Countertop Options in Richmond

Are you looking for countertops that not only are elegant to look at but are easy to clean and maintain? Our high-quality engineered stone countertops might be right for you. We customize our countertops based on your needs, which is why you can expect to enjoy the benefits of engineered stone while meeting your design expectations. What makes engineered stone a popular choice for countertops is their unrivalled durability. These countertops last you for a long time to come without showing any signs of wear and tear.

We believe that having the right know-how is key to making the right decision regarding your countertops. Please read through the information on this page to decide whether engineered stone countertops are right for you. If you have any queries, you can send them to us, and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call us at 778-960-5899.

Granite or Engineered Stone?

Both granite and engineered stone come with unique features that make them both attractive choices. Choosing between the two can be difficult, and while one material might work in a home, it might not work in another. It would help if you considered these products' individual qualities and placed them against your own needs. The following is a detailed overview of each materials' qualities.

What Is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone is a popular term for what we in the industry call- quartz. Our engineered stone countertops are made from quartz crystals that are placed together with the help of resin and pigments. This makes them different from natural stone countertops made from stones such as marble and granite. Quartz countertops and other quartz products such as backsplashes provide the look of natural stone with increased benefits due to the stone being engineered.

The Benefits of Engineered Stone

Engineered stone has been around for a long time, and with good reason. It comes with countless advantages, which makes it a popular choice for construction, especially of countertops. Some of the many benefits of engineered stone countertops are:


Quartz is one of the hardest materials available to us. Its strength and durability make it next to impossible to chip and break. Your quartz countertops will last you a long time.

No maintenance

Engineered stone offers close to zero porosity. Engineered stone countertops don't absorb liquids, making them extremely easy to clean.

No staining

While natural stone is prone to staining, engineered stone is highly resistant to staining. This makes it a perfect addition to kitchens, where spills are common.


Engineered stone is available in diverse colours and design options, making it a suitable fit for any style of home.

Reasonable cost

Generally, engineered stone tends to be cheaper than natural stone and comes with the increased benefits.

Contact Us

Are you having trouble choosing which material is right for you? We advise you to get in touch with us to get informed suggestions from our team. They will assess your unique demands, lifestyle, tastes and budget to recommend the right product for you.

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