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Vanity Tops


Customized Vanity Tops in Richmond

Do you want to give your bathroom a makeover? Go for stylish vanity tops in Richmond offered by Rightway Stone Art. Vanity tops are basically a cabinet built around your washroom sink, which can be used to store toiletries, makeup etc. One of the main purposes of bathroom vanity tops is concealing the plumbing. Since it is the biggest fixture in the bathroom next to the bathtub and toilet, it can set the design of your bathroom.

Rightway Stone Art has been manufacturing granite, quartz and marble vanity tops since 2006. And when you are buying these from us, you are just not buying a product but a fully customized vanity top for your bathroom. Our products are manufactured using the finest material and customized to fit your personal style and aesthetic.

If you are looking for unique and personalized vanity tops in Richmond, contact Rightway Stone Art now!

Choosing a Vanity Top

Vanity tops can set the tone of your bathroom. It is important to choose them wisely. Keep these tips in mind while choosing your vanity top:

  • Consider who will be using it and what for: For example, if you are choosing a vanity for the house where you and your partner are living in, go for a double sink, but if you are on your own, choose a single sink.

  • Location of the plumbing: Changing the plumbings costs both time and money. Hence go for a design that suits the plumbing already.

  • Determine the potential obstacles: Changing the design of the doors and walls is a little harder than changing the vanity. Keep in mind the position of your door swings, shower and toilet.

  • Determine what kind of and how much storage you want: Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose what kind of storage you want and design it accordingly.


No two slabs of granite look the same, and that's why it's so special. Our granite vanity tops in Richmond add a special look to your bathroom. Besides, they come with great strength and durability, making them a popular choice for bathrooms.

White | Black | Gray

Beige | Cream

Brown | Gold

Green | Blue

Red | Pink | Multicolour

Engineered Stone

Our engineered stone vanity tops in Richmond come in numerous designs and colour options. Customized as per your requirements, they are made from quartz held together by resin. These vanity tops are an economical choice for those looking for natural stone benefits at a reasonable price.

White | Black | Gray

Beige | Cream

Brown | Gold

Green | Blue | Red


Many turn to marble vanity tops because they give an elegant and classic appearance to your bathroom. We offer marble vanity tops in Richmond that are durable and easy to maintain which fit perfectly into your vanity cabinet.


White | Black | Gray

Beige | Cream

Brown | Gold | Green | Blue | Red


If you are looking for cost-effective vanity top options for your bathroom, quartz is a great choice. Quartz vanity tops are chosen by many because of their low maintenance and easily customized designable nature.

White | Black | Gray

Beige | Cream

Brown | Gold | Green | Blue | Red

Contact Us

If you want to replace or install a new vanity top in your bathroom, contact Rightway Stone Art. Our team will cater to your custom vanity top requirements in Vancouver.

Unique Vanity Tops in Richmond

Personalised vanity tops according to your sense of beauty.

Rightway Stone Art
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